Everything you ever wanted to know about post-death decomposition (“Body Farm” video) ūüíÄ

Depositphotos_80158370_originalCurious about what kinds of physical changes happen post mortem? The video¬†below will¬†fill in many blanks.¬†Of greater concern to you is likely how and when you’ll shuffle off this mortal coil. Naturally,¬†most of us prefer to “stage left” with as little pain and discomfort as possible, something medical science has make more certain than was true¬†long ago. But die we must. The larger question¬†is¬†what lies afterwards – click to read.¬†¬†First, satisfy your curiosity about what becomes of your “earth suit” after death and then read what follows below.

Life after deathSo you know what’s coming: You die and then face judgment.¬†It is natural to think “Well, OK, I¬† think my¬†good deeds outweigh¬†my bad so I am good to go, right?”¬†Wrong.¬†¬†Ahem, dead wrong. The penalty for sin either must be¬†paid by you or by someone qualified to pay it for you. The trick is there is only one individual who qualified to pay¬†the penalty for your sins which he did. However, like a gift certificate¬†purchased for¬†you by a benefactor,¬†you have to¬†claim or redeem it and then follow the directions that come with it to preserve it. So how do you learn about this gift and¬†how to¬†claim it?¬†The best way¬†in my opinion¬†is to¬†hear from someone who has done it. In this vein, I heartily recommend you¬†watch this video featuring scholar Dr. Michael Brown in which he shares how he went from hell bound to redeemed:¬†¬†https://askdrbrown.org/about/personal-testimony/

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