Greetings and welcome to my “Cerebratorium” — my sharinghouse  — a collection of writings, ideas and more, some mine and some the handiwork of others, which is meant to inform, encourage, and hopefully challenge you.  I am  Dr. Anthony G. Payne (American Indian name “Summer Cloud” which in the Choctaw language is “Toffa Ulogilá”), a Native Texan and tribal member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. As you will discover I am an experimentalist of sorts, having a special affinity for finding or forging alternatives to those institutions, things & traditions I find  “defective”, ineffective or lacking in some way (Click to read “My Lifelong Quest for Alternatives“).

Among my passionsFaith, family including my musume Kazumi and grandchildren Wakana & Yoshito, my sovereign (American Indian) tribe, and also writing (articles, journal papers, 4 books, more), spinning ideas (theorist,  sometimes philosopher, sometimes contrarian), explorimentation (my term), and sketching & painting.

I am a veganⓋ (for ethical reasons), love Goth, Steampunk and the artwork of Jackson Pollock, and am readily accessible to boot (Just shoot an e-mail to me at founderabbot at gmail.com and I will get back to you quickly). You can also reach me on Skype (My ID is Phoenix2doc). And no, you will most assuredly not be intruding or imposing (My calling is that of helpmate). 

In addition, I am a full lay monk in the (Celtic Christian, Franciscan) Knights of Prayer Monastic Order as well as a monk in several other religious communities & monastic organizations which are part of the New Monasticism movement.

Going through hell on earth and need an intercessor?

Are you a misfit, oddball or nonconformist believer? (If so, Monk Anthony wants you!)

Check out my Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/DrAGPayne.choctawdoc

Here is a link to my Google Scholars profile/page: https://scholar.google.com/citations?hl=en&user=xmV1ZCAAAAAJ

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Kind words about moi by Rick Kozlenko, DPM, MPH, PhD, President and Co-Founder of Healthshares R & D, posted to my LinkedIn page:

I have had the privilege of a long term professional friendship in knowing this Renaissance man for nearly three decades–one of the most exceptional, science-based and clear–thinking minds I have ever known–often years ahead in his thinking and theories in health and disease.

Nota Bene my fellow American Indians: Prophetic Word: Restoration Promised to the First Nations of America (Also: Did the Almighty send an emissary to the ancient Cahokian (American Indian) people?)

For non-American Indians who’d like to know more about Native or indigenous peoples (especially their misrepresentation & exploitation by mostly Euro-Americans & their descendants in this country) : 

“What it Means to be Native American in Twenty-First Century America” (Article)

 MY LINKED-IN PROFILE: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dr-anthony-payne-ⓥ-summer-cloud-20712624?trk=nav_responsive_tab_profile

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