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A COVID-19 break: America’s 1st circulated coin contains an admonition for our times

The photos are of replica Fugio cents (I have about 15 of them in perfect condition). This colonial era coin was designed by Benjamin Franklin and was actually the first official US coin put into circulation. Authentic 1787 Fugio cents in fair to good condition online and in coin shops often run $500 USD ++. I posted these photos mainly because I suspect some of you might enjoy a break from all the COVID-19 news. So why not share something beautiful to behold and historic in nature to boot? BTW, the words “Mind Your Business” on the Fugio cent did not mean “stay to yourself and stay out of my business” This phrase/motto/credo meant “tend to your work related activities and interests”. Note the “We Are One” inscription & 13 interlocked rings (13 colonies) on the coin. Words of wisdom from Colonial times to ours. A memento mori carpe diem pause from moi to y’all.

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Old solution revisited: COVID-19 antibody rich human milk (or colostrum)

She’s examining whether the antibodies lingering in human milk can protect babies — and perhaps even adults one day — from coronavirus.
She’s examining whether the antibodies lingering in human milk can protect babies — and perhaps even adults one day — from coronavirus.
Anthony G. Payne Old story actually but one worth revising. And one I intersected with in the 1980s into the 1990s: A biochemist, Robert Plymate, PhD, developed a patented way to process antibody rich colostrum from cows specific for human diseases. One example: he injected pregnant cows with tumor cells from a human liver cancer patient and then collected & processed the antibody rich resulting colostrum (Nota bene: The cows could not get cancer from the injected human tumor cells but did form antibodies to it). This was purified and injected into the patient who donated the cancer cells resulting in complete remission. I worked for and with Dr. Bob in the early 1990s — Ag lab & hothouse complex outside Lincoln, Nebraska. Given this, taking colostrum from lactating women who are COVID-19+ might be a great way to wind up with antibody rich material for purification & administration to very sick COVID-19 sufferers via IV. Just some (ahem) food — milk of human wellness, as it were– for thought.


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Anthony G. Payne Perversely funny and oddly apropos for our times. Just picture COVID-19 as Mr. Hands and the world as Mr. Bill.


Making pancreatic cancer cells too acidic to survive


Pancreatic cancer blocked by disrupting cellular pH balance (Medical Express) by Sanford Burnham (Prebys Medical Discovery Institute) April 7, 2020

Scientists at Sanford Burnham Prebys have found a new way to kill pancreatic cancer cells by disrupting their pH equilibrium. The study, published in Cancer Discovery, reports how depleting an ion transport protein lowers the pH to a point that compromises pancreatic cancer cell growth.

“Our study suggests that interfering with cellular pH represents a new therapeutic avenue to treat pancreatic cancer, one of the deadliest cancers for which there is currently no effective treatment,” says Cosimo Commisso, Ph.D., an assistant professor in Sanford Burnham Prebys’ NCI-designated Cancer Center.’

“A new therapeutic avenue..”? Not exactly (Granted, the SBP scientists have their own unique way of lowering tumor cell pH). Check out this blog entry of mine: Exploiting a vulnerability in some forms of cancer: the Warburg Effect revisited

This particular  blog entry contains a link to a paper by “yours truly” from 2005: PREVENTING METASTASIS AND ACHIEVING ONCOLYSIS IN SOLID TUMORS BY INHIBITING SPECIFIC METALLOPROTEINASES AND MANIPULATING KEY METABOLIC PATHWAYS (Medical Hypotheses & Research, Vol. 2, No. 4, October 2005)

From the abstract section of my paper:

By artfully manipulating key metabolic anaerobic biochemical pathways, it should be possible to increase lactate and block its excretion, resulting in lethal reductions in intracellular pH. Compounds are advanced for accomplishing this as well as helping eradicate non-hypoxic regions of tumors, based on predecessor methods which results in long term remissions in per sons with a host of solid tumor malignancies. A number of measures are also introduced for inducing oncostasis and preventing metastasis.

This approach to effecting tumor cell die-off was dubbed by me “The Metabolic Oncolytic Regimen” and was first bandied about by me in 1989 (My original paper on this was posted online in 1989 followed by a revised spin in 2011).  

Its use by various oncologists in the US and abroad has put many patients with advanced and sometimes end stage metastatic cancer into partial and even full remission

This body of work attracted the attention of various staffers at the Office of Alternative Medicine (later reborn as the NCCAM) including NIH post-doc toxicologist Li-Chuan Chin which resulted in my being funded by the NIH to attend the historic Practice Outcomes Monitoring and Evaluation System (POMES) cancer conference held in Bethesda (in 1996). A few years later the faculty senate and president of a integrative medical school in Sri Lanka (Open International University of CAM) recognized the promise of the MOR by bestowing an honorary MD degree and 2 medals in science on me.

The revised Metabolic Oncolytic Regimen (MOR) is sometimes prescribed by MDs abroad who are also utilizing another of my brainchildren: Donor granulocyte therapy for advanced cancer (NCIM)

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UPDATED: Masks coated with antivirus liquid preventing infection with COVID-19

My mini-army of Japanese volunteers have been coating masks with a NaCl+KCl+Tween20 solution for many weeks now and then donning them every time they circulate in public (Readers will find the procedure for making up the spray on liquid at-home here). Not one has gotten infected with COVID-19, influenza or even a cold. While people all around them are getting sick and panicking, they are sailing on unaffected.

Pointer: Coat both sides of the cotton mask(s) you use in public. This way if you should pick up the COVID-19 virus on your fingertips and touch your mask the viral particles should die quickly. Of course, once you are back home it would probably be a good idea to sterilize the mask and apply a fresh coating of the antivirus solution to both sides, let it dry thoroughly, and use it religiously (The coating should kill all the viruses that land on it but I tend to err on the side of caution aka “Just in case”).

Click to access additional COVID-19 countermeasures.

From my lab bench to you:  I have been experimenting with many nontoxic antiviral medicinal plant extracts & fungi derived compounds (COVID-19 is an RNA virus). All of these have garnered bench top and empiric evidence of effectiveness against various coronavirus family members including Ebola and SARS. However, it appears they were not pursued by drug companies probably because they cannot patent the anti-RNA compounds in them (Too many and most likely they work in-tandem in vivo and not as well when isolated and purified).

My focus has been on developing a an oral agent whose mode of action will (among other things) make it less likely for the COVID-19 virus to attach to and penetrate lung cells (which can result in viral pneumonia, sepsis and death), as well as to upregulate angiotensin-converting enzyme-2 (ACE2) which has been shown to reduce the severity of coronavirus infections.

Readers are invited to lend support to my antiviral research project by going to
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Stopping the COVID-19 pandemic: history repeats itself

1918 Spanish Flu historical documentary | Swine Flu Pandemic | Deadly plague of 1918


If you think the measures being enacted recently to prevent the spread of COVID-19 sound familiar, you know your history of pandemics very well indeed! As this documentary richly illustrates social distancing, masks, rapid infection & death in some people, healthcare workers struggling to deal with patients and contracting the infection themselves, product shortages ….everything we are seeing & grappling with now…pretty much was done or seen during the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918. I might add: In the SFE-1918 the 2nd and 3rd waves of infection were worse than the first. Watch this documentary to understand why.

Afterwards get acquainted with these COVID-19 countermeasures (most of them do-it-yourself at home):

Broad spectrum antiviral research project

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