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Got Kindle? Download Messianic Rabbi Greg Herschberg’s acclaimed 2017 book for free!

Messianic Rabbi Greg Herschberg’s highly acclaimed 2017 book A Life for God: A Rabbi’s Analysis of Life, the Cross, and Eternity is free right now on Amazon Kindle. No sign-ups or anything. (If you do not have Kindle you can download it for free at

Rabbi Herschberg’s riveting 1h30m personal testimony can be found at Testimony of Rabbi Greg Hershberg – 10/11/2014 (His was a genuine Paul on the road to Damascus type visitation by Yeshua HaMashiach translated from Hebrew to English as “Jesus the Messiah”).
Download, read, be inspired.

Living the faith is countercultural & radical


Following Messiah and living the faith authentically is countercultural & radical. One way to do so is in community as a lay monk or nun (Married or single, Catholic or non-Catholic is OK)

FYE (For Your Edification): Brother “Practicing the Presence of God” Lawrence was a lay monk.

In keeping with this:

Getting back to pre-paganized Christian beliefs & practices

Ekklesia: Rediscovering God’s Instrument for Global Transformation by Dr. Ed Silvoso

The Real Jesus by Rev. Bert M. Farias


Not your grandfather’s Jesus

Judaism Starburst grunge backgroundIf you grew up embracing the Americanized Jesus I’d like you to take a moment and read Jesus and Yeshua: An Examination of Cultural Icons. This insightful article was written by a perceptive young man named Jeriah Bowser who is the Ecology & Sustainability Department chair at the Hampton Institute.

Naturally, we all tend to endorse views that parallel or even mirror our own, and I am no exception. However, while we all cherry-pick reality  to varying degrees, the thrust of critical biblical scholarship does IMO tend to favor Bowser’s perspective (Which is one I pretty much arrived at many moons ago).


Also watch this video:


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