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Broad spectrum antiviral research project

I’ve never tried crowdfunding to raise funds to cover my explor-i-mentation, but will now give it a go. Why not apply for a grant, you ask? The competition for grants is typically robust and the time it takes to land one would probably try my patience. I need to press on with my quest for a broad spectrum (nondrug) antiviral formulation but must obtain additional lab equipment as well as float my financial boat during this quest. Give if you feel led to, otherwise tell others about this campaign. You can shoot questions and such to me at nativescienceguy at gmail dot com.  Thanks!



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Bernie Sanders and the Christian Vote

I became a democratic socialist in 1985 because, in large part, this approach seeks to address many societal and Red_Rose_(Socialism)other ills by addressing underlying (as opposed to superficial) causes. Many of these problems and their solutions lie in redressing specific moral failings such as unbridled corporate greed, which is something democratic socialists such as Senator Bernie Sanders tackle head-on with genuinely progressive, transformative ideas and proposed legislation. And, at the heart of democratic socialism, is a sharing and “level the playing field” ethic that is consonant with core Jewish and Christian beliefs and teachings.  Luke Tomycz “cores the apple” on an article titled “Bernie Sanders and the Christian Vote” which I wholeheartedly recommend you read and then share with others in your orbit:

Bernie Sanders and the Christian Vote


How one man turned adversity into opportunity

Jim Haverlock has seen more peaks & valleys than most of us. Athlete in HS and now scooter-bound due to multiple sclerosis. Millionaire owner of a furniture chain who went broke, worked out of his car for a time,  and now runs his own virtual business and provides web building & optimization services too. Abandoned by his wife after he was misdiagnosed as having ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) — but now (in his seventies) sharing love & life with his “African Queen.”  Dreamed of being a missionary as a young man — tabled this — and fulfilled this calling more than five (5) decades later by founding a nonprofit charitable organization called Compassion Care! If this has you wanting to know more about “The Life & Times of Missionary Jim” — just click this link:

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