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Some questions for you

Br. Anthony - Dec 2014SOME QUESTIONS FOR YOU:

►Which dominates your life: Competition or sharing & harmonization?

►Is what you’ve been doing with your life consistent with your core nature, or not? That is, are you faithful to your true or authentic self or not?

►Do you tend to think your own thoughts or those of Madison Avenue, Wall Street, etc.?

►Are you nurturing what is genuine & true in life or something else entirely?

►Which is better: To be whole or something else?

►Do you resist learning what closed doors have to teach you?

►Have you consciously embraced your limitations?

►Are the “ought’s” & “should have’s” that bedevil you reflect who you really are?

►Do you run from failure and “experiments gone bad” or learn the lessons they offer and revise your life course accordingly?

►Have the roles you play in life, its pleasures, indulgences, escapes, or obligations, or something else eclipsed or undermined the “you beneath & within”?

►Do the conflicts and paradoxes in your life demand resolution, or embrace & integration into all that you are?

►Is your trip through the valley preparing you to fulfill your unique purpose in life?

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