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What lies ahead?

From a 9-21-2020 text message to a Japanese lady believer in Tokyo:

So many conflicting forces and trends are tearing at the social fabric of America. The news is filled with conflicting, sometimes contradictory stories not to mention skewed and even fabricated news segments and social media posts. I am however seeing one trend surface among some genuine believers: prophetic insights into what is coming which agree with scriptures and are not self-serving. One example:  Messianic Rabbi Herschberg (Beth Yeshua International in Macon, Georgia) has stated that the Ruoch HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) showed him that “after November” God is going to create situations which will cause believers to confront their own immorality, greed, corruption, racism and such both in America (and beyond) and then do likewise with many nonbelievers throughout the world (Rabbi Herschberg said “All that can be shaken will be shaken”). I surmise this move of God will result in many believers being convicted of gross sins and then called to repent and commit to obey his commandments. Other prophetically gifted preachers and teachers have been told (by God) the same exact thing. I too have had convictions well up within me that confirm what these men are saying. I have also seen in my spirit an image which comes out of the book

of Revelations: a white horse being readied to ride across the world. I have seen this quite vividly and even witnessed its bridle and other gear being secured in place which means this horse is being readied to be mounted and ridden. I have also seen in my spirit a menorah being lit. This is what I believe this is telling me and all who will receive it: by the time Hanukkah unfolds this year many believers will experience Holy Spirit empowerment and gifting in order to do the things God has for them to do in life. This interior conviction and image preceded comments by Rabbi Herschberg concerning the fact God is going to equip genuine believers and followers of Yeshua with what they need to shine as lights in a world rapidly sinking into darkness and chaos.

All of this IMO signals that many ancient biblical prophecies are about to be fulfilled.

I believe that once Hanukkah is concluded we will begin to see some of what lies ahead more clearly than ever before. Those believers who cling to God and his word and surrender to his will and Spirit will be guided in terms of what to do and say. Those who do not will be unable to cope and many will be lured into sin, deception and apostacy. In short God will be separating the sheep (genuine followers/disciples of Yeshua) from the goats (false believers)The sheep are his remnant – those called out to bear witness to the truth, hear his voice and to do those good works he commands and expects of his own. You are already doing this by virtue of your acts of charity there in Tokyo. I believe you will soon be equipped and empowered to do even greater works as well as to be a catalyst for a spiritual awakening among many Japanese people (to the end that some will embrace and acknowledge Yeshua HaMashiach as lord and savior). Many others throughout Asia and the entire world will be similarly equipped, empowered and led to bear witness to The Way in both word and deed. This move of God is one of mercy in that he will wants to give everyone the chance to hear the Gospel message, to be convicted of their sins, to repent and to embrace him and his free gift of salvation and then to be empowered by his Spirit to live in obedience to his commandments. In a way what you have read in the book of Acts is about to be revisited in our day. Just as the original believers received the power and strength and wisdom to live as he requires and to bear witness in their dark times, so will believers now facing end of age darkness be equipped to do likewise. And though the storms will rage all around us his peace will steady us and his indwelling power will equip to endure all this and more.

Ever onward in obedience to his commandments and surrender to his will,


Beth Yeshua Messianic Congregation (Macon, Georgia)

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