Quick Video: Introduction to “Heretics & Other Seekers”

Transcript of video content: 

Hi and welcome to Dr. Anthony Payne’s “Seekers and other Heretics” blog site, a sharinghouse overflowing with free information, ideas, tips, links and so much more. You are invited to use the drop down category menu and search feature to find what you want or are in need of.

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If you need help with a medical condition that has your doctors stumped, check out the Nova Cells Institute website at www.novacellsinstitute.com  or call them at 1-562-916-3410. You can also email them at NCInfodesk@gmail.com. By the way, the Nova Cells doctors offer free, no strings attached case evaluations.

If you have trouble finding what you are looking for, you can email Dr. Payne at nativescienceguy@gmail.com. He’ll get back to you very quickly.

Thanks for watching and check back for new videos and postings!


About Dr. Anthony G. Payne

I am a word & ideas weaver, hypothesis spinner, artist, full monk (Knights of Prayer & other organizations that are part of the New Monasticism movement), long time member of MENSA, and a BIA certified American Indian and tribal member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. You can readily reach me by shooting an e-mail to founderabbot@gmail.com.

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