“Stem cell treatment gives local family new lease on life” (St. Albert Gazette)





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Most of the time you will find me spinning ideas and web content for client firms and especially physicians (MDs and DOs). Among my many passions are helping others help others, word weaving (Published writer & author, ghostwriter, copywriter, proofreader, editor), and art (Mainly sketching. I revel in Jackson Pollock's art and thus enjoy experimenting with his approach combined with those of other artists). Nature is a focus too, reflected in the fact I have been involved in the deep ecology movement since the 1980s and (more recently) the Forest Church movement. I am also a lay Celtic Christian monk (Novice monk in 2015, full monk in 2017). This is the realization of a calling I have "flirted with" for many moons now. You are encouraged to check out my "Summer Cloud's Spiritual Watering Hole"​ website to learn more: http://summerclouds.weebly.com.

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