A sketch of Jeni the Goth by Dr. Anthony G. Payne (Summer Cloud)

Meet Jeni. I follow her on Twitter at https://twitter.com/JeniProa and she,  me. I took her little profile photo and created the pencil, charcoal and ink sketch below. Jeni is a Goth and runs a free friendship & dating service for Goths. Not sure exactly what Goths advocate & do? Then watch this video by Jillian Venters, Lady of the Manners and author of “Gothic Charm School: An Essential Guide for Goths and Those Who Love Them”, in which she answers the question “What is Goth?” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mQb4rQm-7_M

Jeni the Goth by Dr. Anthony G. Payne


About Dr. Anthony G. Payne

I am a word & ideas weaver, hypothesis spinner, artist, full monk (Knights of Prayer & other organizations that are part of the New Monasticism movement), long time member of MENSA, and a BIA certified American Indian and tribal member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. You can readily reach me by shooting an e-mail to founderabbot@gmail.com.

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